How does the scheme work?

Registered Safe Places have a sticker in the window. If you need a safe place, staff in a safe place will be happy to assist you.
If you are out and about and feel like you need assistance or support you can go to a Safe Place. You will know a safe place because it will have a safe places sticker in the window. You can find out if there is a safe place where you are going by looking at the map.

You might need a safe place because the person you are meeting has failed to turn up, or you may have become lost or separated from your carer or are simply lost or upset.
It might be because you have been bullied or teased.
Either way, staff in premises labelled as Safe Places are trained in recognising difficulties that people with dementia, learning disabilities and mental health issues may be experiencing, as well as in communicating with people in distress. They will ask to see your safe places card and will phone the person named on the card as your helper or help you sort out the problem for yourself. They will offer you a safe place to wait until someone comes to help you or you feel happy to leave on your own again.
If you have been subjected to hate crime they will help you to report it and tell you how to get support or if you don’t want to report they can report to the police without giving your name or address.
We are keen to hear your experiences of using safe places to make sure that they are doing a good job. Do let us know via email, phone, post or in person.